Retired Chief Secretary Ratnaprabha’s ‘Chronicles Of An Ac Saab’ Released

Bangalore, July 7, 2018: Retired Chief Secretary K. Ratnaprabha is a simple personality who has worked hard for the state’s overall development by serving in various posts in different departments of the state. Photo 3She wanted to share events that happened in her long service and wrote a novel named ‘Chronicles of an AC Saab’.

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy released the novel at Bangalore today. Speaking on this occasion, Kumaraswamy said, Mrs. Ratnaprabha is the most simple and responsible officer I have seen among the officers of the various departments including the state government’s IAS and IPS. Photo 1He further praised Ratnaprabha, who is simplistic in every sense, for choosing Karnataka for her career and providing her service to the state’s development.

Ratnaprabha, who started her career in Bidar, one of the most backward districts in the state, was reluctant to meet visitor in the early days, as she was shy. During those  days when visitors arrived, RatnaprabhaPhoto 4 used to send her mother to talk to them while she hid in the kitchen. She has mentioned this in her novel.

Speaking on this occasion, Ratnaprabha said, “I had no idea of writing this novel. I was noting down my experience. One day, while noting down this, I thought about writing a book about this. My daughter also encouraged me to write the book. The result is my experience being penned down onto this novel.”

In her 215-page book, Ratnaprabha has shared the experience from the beginning of her career at Bidar till her retirement. She started penning down the book, in September-October 2017,and  has recollected most of her most memorable experiences. Some experiences would have got skipped, says Ratnaprabha.Photo 4

“Every time I go to Bidar, the people used to visit me and still remember my good deeds, ‘ says Ratna Prabha. Being an officer who considers this as good as a greatest award,she says that if officers are committed to selfless service, they can remain in the hearts of people forever.Photo 5

The ceremony was attended by top officials of various government departments, including Vishwa cariappa, president of the Sansity Group.