This summer holidays will not be the same last year. This year Heritage Wines Pvt Ltd is organizing FREE HERITAGE WINE TOURISM at its winery located on Bangalore-Mysore Road.

Addressing a press conference Managing Director of Heritage Wines, Mr PL Venkatarama Reddy said that the “wine tours are aimed at enlightening people about wine production and wine culture at the Heritage Winery near Channapatna”.

‘Going on a trip is common during the summer season. The Heritage wine trip not only is an interesting getaway, but also educative about the wine tradition. Mr Reddy also said that this was also an attempt to wean away from alcohol and introduce them to the healthy habit of wine consumption. Families can come together for the wine tour and experience the glorious tradition of wine’, he added.


The Heritage Winery started in the year 2004 in Bangalore near Channapatna in green and hill surroundings which is free from pollution and most suitable for manufacturing quality wine. Besides it is very close to Bangalore – Mysore highway.

The “Wine Tours” was introduced in February 2011 to encourage and develop Wine Tourism in Bangalore and in Karnataka State.

The Heritage Winery has now developed wine tourism at pat with similar tours in other countries.


1. Educating the Wine lover on the finer points of wine tasting & enjoying the same.

2. Video show explaining the history of wine making & verities of wines with brief introduction of manufacturing, processing & bottling.

3. Visitors can also see the total processing of wine manufacturing inclusive of crushing, filtering, bottling, and capping under highly hygienic conditions.

4. Our experts will demonstrate of wine tasting & other aspects of wine drinking.

5. A Restaurant in our Winery caters European & Indian Cuisine.

6. Wine pairing with suitable food with suitable wine can be experienced.

7.  A Vineyard has been developed adjacent to our Winery, where various types of grape have been cultivated for the benefit of tourist & for their knowledge.

8. Tourists are educated on the health benefits of consuming wine. It is also available in the form of brochure.

9. A unique future in wine tasting is visitors can taste sweet red wine & sparkling wine which is made from Bangalore Blue Grapes. They can taste three verities of French Red & White Wine.

10. Facility also provided for tourist that, they can buy Heritage Wines of all brands for gifting their family friends for suitable occasions.

This could not have been achieved without the support of the Karnataka Government with the concerned departments. Karnataka Government not only helped the wine producers by introducing the wine policy in the year 2008, also for the farmers who are cultivating grapes in their land.

We have grateful to the Karnataka Government,  Wine Board & Excise Department for their over whelming support for wine manufacturers & grape growers who are cultivating both Bangalore Blue & French Grapes by introducing new duty structures & other concessions during the Karnataka State Budget for the year 2012-13.


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