New Attraction for Tourists – “Heritage Wine Tour”

Karnataka’s first winery that has attracted more than 10,000 tourists

It has been decades since the Mysore – Bangalore highway became the most happening place. However, it is not wrong to say that the Heritage Wine Tour has added a new feather to the crown of Mysore – Bangalore highway that’s famous for weekend revelry. This is evident when the number of visitors here is taken into account. In the span of an year, the winery has attracted more than 10,000 tourists – the highest for any winery in the state.


Heritage Winery Managing Director P L Venkatarama Reddy, who addressed the media on the achievements of the last year, said that the Heritage Wine Tourism that started in May 2011 officially has attracted not only the wine-lovers from the State but also from across the globe. It has been very informative for the Bachelor of Hotel Management students, and has been imparting practical training to them.

The tourists who visited the Heritage Winery in the last year:

  • Hotel management students:     more than 2,500
  • Foreign tourists:                 more than 2,000
  • Tourists from other States:         more than 1,500
  • Tourists from State:                       more than 4,000

Heritage Wine Tour that started in the initial stages of spreading of wine culture in India has attracted more than 10,000 people. It has also got a unique, different place among the tourist spots around Mysore. Most of the tourists who go to Mysore also add Heritage Winery among the list of places to visit, which is a mater of pride to the company, said P L Venkatarama Reddy, expressing his profound happiness.


Heritage Winery started producing wine using the blue grapes grown in the rural areas surrounding Bangalore, such as Kolar and Chikballapur. The constant research has enabled Heritage Winery to introduce many new products. In order to help the farmers who grow French grapes, Heritage has been preparing Table Wines. Heritage Sparkling Wine has caught the attention of all.

In the financial year 2011-12, the products introduced by Heritage Winery:

  • Heritage Shiraz Wine
  • Heritage Cabernet Red Wine
  • Heritage Chennin Blanc White Wine
  • Heritage Sparkling Red Wine
  • Heritage Red Wine
  • Heritage Red Premium Wine 2000


The Highest-selling Wine Brand in the State:

Heritage Wine has increased its market share in the last one year, and stands first in the State, and second in India, as far as the sales are concerned, said P L Venkatarama Reddy.

  • Benefits of Drinking Wine
  • Increased digestion and appetite
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Solution to thyroid, cysts, cancer, pancreatic, geriatric and ageing problems
  • Bones become strong due to the calcium in the wine
  • Decreased Cholesterol level in blood
  • Minimised risk of heart problem and blood pressure

Practical Training to Management Students:

A special course on ‘ Wine Processing and Testing’ is conducted and the participants are given certificates. This course increases the job opportunities for Hotel Management students.


Epolo Indo-continental Restaurant

The new restaurant that was started for the benefits of tourists also provides area and facilities for private parties. Apart from savoring the exotic wines, the visitors can also enjoy and relish the food prepared in Indian and Continental style.


More about Heritage Winery

Heritage Winery has sold more than 20 lakh units of wine, with a turn-over of 16 crore rupees. In last year, Heritage has done business in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, and this year plans to extend the business to Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, New Delhi and other states.


ImageImageHERITAGE WINE AMBASSADORS.....ImageImageImageImage


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