A programme organised by Sapthagiri Medical College and BBMP, to create awareness among youth against bad habits

“Hey, look here, this is a real heart it seems! See here, this is gall bladder… this is lungs…”


This is not something heard in any medical college. These are the words uttered by the surprised kids in the exhibition of real human organs organised by Saptagiri Medical College and BBMP, to create awareness among students.

Most people have vague idea about human organs and the way they function. This idea usually comes from seeing models or by watching images in books. In order to make everyone know and understand the human organs and their functions, Saptagiri Medical College on Hesaraghatta Road, Bangalore and Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had organised an ambitious programme at BBMP Girls’ High School. 


The intention is to create awareness among students by organising this exhibition in BBMP limits, said Govindaraju, Chairman of Standing Committee on Education, BBMP.  He was speaking after inaugurating the event. “Such programmes play an important role in enhancing the knowledge of students. We do not often know about the organs of our body.  It’s a good opportunity to know the shape, form and functions of organs,” he added.

G D Balaji, CEO of Saptagiri Medical College, who spoke on the occasion, said the programme to increase the knowledge of children was laudable. “Saptagiri Medical College has provided an opportunity not just for children, but for everyone, to know more about the human anatomy. People can visit our medical college and use this facility free of cost,” he added.

The programme held at the BBMP Girls’ High School and College turned out to be an event that quenched the curiosity of the wide-eyed children.  Everyone including teachers and public expressed their awe on seeing real human organs.

All cannot become doctors. Very less people other than doctors would have seen the real human organs and know about their functioning.  The programme organised by Saptagiri Medical College is designed to educate everyone on the issue, said Chief Executive Officer of the College and Venkateshwara Educational Trust G D Balaji.


The programme is an exhibition of real human organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys. There is a museum in the anatomy department of Saptagiri Medical College. The organs kept here are taken to the schools and put on the exhibition. Doctors do the demonstration on particular organs. Students will also be made aware of the effect of bad habits. The organs of humans with good habits and bad habits are compared with each other, and shown to the students. This will underline the importance of maintaining good habits in life, says Dr V Jayanthi, Head of the Anatomy Department, Saptagiri Medical College. 


We get to see many examples of children who come under the influence of mass media like internet and easily fall prey to bad habits. Our programme aims to show the children real organs and show them the effect of unhealthy habits. We hope that children learn to stay away from bad and unhealthy habits, says Dr V Jayanthi.


We know somewhat about the organs present in a human body. However we never had any opportunity to know the real size, shape and functioning of organs. Staff of Department of Anatomy from Saptagiri Medical College and BBMP Standing Committee on Education have organised this programme to show real human organs, to enlighten us and our students, said V Narasimha Swamy, Principal of BBMP Girls’ High School and College.

This was the first programme by Saptagiri Medical College, and many more such programmes would be conducted mostly in Government schools and in other schools of Bangalore. Public can also visit this exhibition.  To organise this exhibition in schools, interested can contact 080-22188700. Public can visit the museum at Saptagiri Medical College on Hesaraghatta Road free of cost, between 1.30 to 3.30pm. 

BBMP Education Officer Hanumantha Raju and Principal of Saptagiri Medical College participated in the programme.


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