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The employees of Evolving Solutions near Devegowda Petrol Station near Banashankari here on Monday were taken by surprise as they saw the sudden bout of energy coupled with continuous laughing and roof-hitting voices.

A bunch of elderly people suddenly appeared in their office and started to enthral them with their energy and enthusiasm. The members of ‘Laughter Club’ from Girinagar, with a message to the always buzzing IT crowd ‘not to lost their zeal amidst work pressures’, made the entire 150 members of the Evolving Solutions to turn their heads towards them.

It was nothing but like a ‘flash mob’ with the elderly people performing with great passion and spontaneity for nearly 20 minutes at Evolving Solutions, one of the IT firms in the locality. Suddenly appearing from nowhere, the ‘Girinagar Laughter Club’ members mesmerised the IT crowd and vanished into thin air.

Within minutes the employees too joined the club members who tried to kill the ‘Monday Morning’ disease that has symptoms such has boredom, tiredness, forgotten smiles etc.

Photo 1

Though the city has witnessed ‘flash mobs’ with various themes at different malls and public places, it was the first time the laughter club members performed at any IT firms in Bangalore.

“We suddenly froze for a few seconds and wondered what was happening at our floor….,” this is what most of the employees at the Evolving Solutions felt.

The Evolving Solutions had organised the event, without giving a small hint to any of its employees, to bring smiles on their faces. The club members conveyed the message of “how they keep themselves alive on any day by simply laughing out and they also told the firm employees that ‘it is so important to laugh even on Monday Mornings to begin their day in a healthy way.’

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