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Gigantic buildings, attractive prospectus and colorful advertisements do not enhance the quality of educational institutions. But, qualitative teaching available at the institution, supportive learning environment for the personality development of the students at schools; and dedication and concern of qualified teaching staff form the dynamics of successful educational institutions, says Gonuguntala Suresh Babu.

Mr. Babu is one of the internationally acclaimed education experts and is the Managing Director of ‘Paryanta Management Service’.

Due to globalization and privatization, job opportunities are increasing, resulting in enhanced financial stability of public. Moreover, due to various programmes introduced by the Union and State governments, the awareness on importance of education is increasing. As a result of this, an education revolution has taken place in villages; and schools and colleges are being established at nook and corner of the country, even at remote places. But, the factor that overall quality of educational institutions is not great is being understood from the recently announced results of SSLC and PUC examinations.

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Development of quality

Aimed at enhancing the quality of educational institutions and thereby laying a foundation for the bright future of students, ‘Paryanta Management Service’ was established in 2013. Within a year of its establishment, now ‘Paryanta’ has become the favorite Advisory consultant of the educational institutions.

Mr. Gonuguntala Suresh, an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Kozhikode, has studied the educational ambiance at more than 1,000 schools at different countries. He has been helping the managements of a good number of Toddlers/Montessori schools in incorporating strategies of Multinational companies by offering world class management services.

Mr. Suresh says that quality of teaching at schools can be enhanced through simple and effective measures. ‘Paryanta’ team has designed ‘School Empowerment Programme’, special course designed exclusively for school managements, to offer world class management services to schools at free of cost. The schools can be competent and attain global standards by instilling ‘Bald Ridge’ method. The ‘Paryanta’ team will make understand the managements about enhancing their effectiveness to attain the global standards.

Mr. Suresh Babu has researched on several issues pertaining to the education sector. He will help the school managements in incorporating strategies of IT Firms and multinational companies by offering world class management services to schools.

At present, ‘Paryanta’ is offering its services at free of cost. Interested schools can contact ‘Paryanta’ on 8892759847 or login to http://paryanta.com for additional information/registration.

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