Bird 1

Birds they used to play the role of a duly trusted messenger, guide sailors, lost in the sea, to a safe island they are the symbol of beauty and peace. They’ve remained inspiration for poets; many of them have enriched our lives with their many avatars. Tourists can now experience these exotic birds at World’s largest film city.

Bird 2

Welcome to WINGS – Bird Park in the picturesque Ramoji Film City…

Located at the lap of a serene nature and surrounded by a pristine ensemble of high head trees, shrubs, bespoken gardens, curves of rocks and a splashing waterfall to welcome you in, WINGS with its harmony of ecosystem and symphony of colours juxtaposed by tweeting & chirpings, whistling & singing promises to mesmerise tourists at once…

The Bird Park has an impressive collection of the varied species of birds from all over world. It is naturally landscaped with striking native plants, slices of rocks and ingrown flora creating a harmonious ecosystem the bird park presents a wonderful experience to tourists with the spectacle of chirping birds presented in 4 separate zones to give tourists the simplest pleasures of discovering world of birds.

Bird 3

Birds from All Over the World

As one of the finest Bird Parks in India, WINGS perfectly replicates Nature with a rich mosaic of habitats. The aviary with an eclectic collection of international birds has created a perfect habitat for the feathered creatures complete with green foliage, perches, cages large and small and walk-throughs.  As a variety of enclosures have been replicated here as colorful trees, with tree cavities as nests, nested burrows tunnelled into the vertical wooden logs.

Exclusive Water birds enclosure

At Water birds enclosure an imposing natural formation of rock make way for gushing water to give tourists a wonderful experience of nature. The walkthrough around the water body stands to be equally magnificent with Mute Swan which is the national bird of Denmark, awe-inspiring Black Swan, Mandarin & American Wood Duck which could easily be confused as if a painter’s palette floating in water…

Bird 4

From Trumpeter Swan which is the largest extant waterfowl species on earth to Scarlet Ibis- the bird once used to be worshipped as the god in ancient Egypt to preserve the country from plagues and serpents and buried after mummified with pharaohs- Manchurian Crane, known as a symbol of luck, longevity and fidelity in many Asian countries including Japan – you will carry a bagful of stories & memories together while departing off this piece of heaven on earth.

Free flying bird zone

Birds waddle freely around and intermingle with visitors they can have fun by making contact. The birds are tame and are not afraid to rest on one’s shoulder or head or literally eat out of one’s hand.

Bird 5

Special Zone for Ostrich

The largest living bird that inhabits the desert land finds its new home at wings. With special sand beds and desert ambience, perfect atmosphere and habitat feel has been recreated here for the majestic birds. A pack of perky ostrich with plume feathers make a unique sight here. With proper fencing at ‘WINGS’- makes sure the original Big Bird stays safe and healthy; as the curious visitors remain unharmed and amused.

WINGS would absolutely catch tourists’ imagination. While experiencing the world of birds, tourist can take commemorative photos and choose from an impressive collection of themed merchandise and memorabilia and carry home enchanted memories of ever-lasting kind.


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