India as a country has been a classic cultural and historic tourist destination. Now in the changing times, there is a shift of focus   towards leisure in outdoors and adrenaline-inducing adventure activities. The World Class Adventure Land set up at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad has been quick to sense the change and offer several adventure activities not only for youth but also for families.


Sahas – The Ramoji Adventure Land invites adventure seekers to explore pure thrills, pit against the rough terrain and bumpy road — all in the grandeur of Nature! It is where participants can be summoned into shining examples of adrenaline rush, flirtation with adventure, intimate and shared fun with family and friends, boosting confidence and personal excellence in the midst of exotic locales.


Be it roughing it out in the rugged terrain or funny fight-to-finish, Sahas is prepared for all. One can picturise Sahas with father and son showdown at its Inflatables arena or members of family having fun with Net courses or buddies racing at ATV rides or soul mates ensconced in Zorb balls rolling down in the longest Zorb platform in the country.


According to Mr Ramoji Rao, the Chairman of Ramoji Group  Sahas, with a large range of adventure activities  has been designed as the Asia’s Finest Adventure Land.  

Bungee Ejection

Set in rocky hills, high altitude plateau, low-lying sloppy meadows and stone-cliffs has the technology built into its artery which aid to the tactics, strategy, speed and operation of each individual sport. Here, the component of nerve coexisting with pleasant relaxation characterizes the essential absorbing action and experience. It’s where participants can sweat it out and have the experience of fun.

High Rope / Harness Course

Sahas designed with international standards by a world famous French team which constantly works with the aim to optimize the adventure experience.

Wide range for fun and adventure challenges.


The variety of activities include – High Rope / Harness Course, Net Course, Paintball, Zorbing, ATV Rides, Mountain Bike, Target-Shoot Range (Archery/ Rifle Shooting etc.), Inflatables (Sumo Suit Fighting) and Bungee Ejection.

Target-Shoot Range - Archery Target-Shoot Range- SHOOTING

The ATV rides at Sahas has an exclusive track for children and ladies. While the Net Courses and Inflatables have separate arrangement for kids. Besides, its inflatable arena with Human Foos-ball, Melt-down, Body Zorb fight and Tele- Boxing has a true variety of hilarious sports.

Sahas 4

The other features of Sahas include – Its Paintball arena which has a viewing gallery and themed obstacles. Sahas also has the longest Zorb platform for the Roller Zorb activity in the country, with a length of 220 ft.  Besides, the target shooting zone offering the Angry-Bird theme caters for all from the novice to the experts; which is for the first time in the country.


Be it the lower net courses, separate ATV tracks for the amateurs or fun fights with inflated zorb ball, for children all the risk-averse arrangements are made with special protective gear designed for the junior participants. All the activities conform to international safety standards and are pursued in the presence of experts, specially trained instructors who can guide the young all through the course.


Sahas For All

Sahas is not just about lots of nerve for youth but is also a perfect day-out with family and friends, groups, school/college groups, fitness freaks, die-hard adventure lovers and corporate professionals for team building and other people engagement activities.


So the adventure at Sahas cannot  be confined to any set parameters, as it transcends them all. The world class adventure land packs thrills and excitement for adventure seekers.


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