Bangalore-based technology company Instadel India Pvt Ltd has a Cloud based software platform – Omnisling, that is all set to provide digital solutions to enhance the profitability and efficiency of small and medium retail businesses.

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Omnisling serves as a one-point solution for micro, small and medium businesses to leverage digital technologies for procurement, sales, marketing and production.

Speaking on the occasion Instadel CEO Venu Ramakrishnappa said, “Omnisling is a Cloud based software platform that is exclusively focused on tech enabling micro, small and medium retail businesses. The easy-to-use platform helps businesses digitize their product catalog and presents it via multiple channels and thereby increasing their customer reach exponentially. The platform is tailored to domain specific needs providing in-depth solution to retailers. Omnisling is integrated with OEM partners from around the globe to provide a complete solution”.

A vendor can maintain his accounts, enroll himself in various seller domains, enter the e-market and continue his old sales method all at the same time using Omnisling.

Omnisling is an outcome of the recent digital trends. According to a report, “Impact of internet and digitisation on SMBs in India” (January 2017), a study by KPMG found that a staggering 68% of Indian SMBs are completely offline, with only 2 % actively selling or promoting their business online.

Digitally engaged SMBs grew profit by 19 per cent year over year as compared to 10 per cent for an offline SMB. Connected and enabled SMBs were also found to be 1.5 times and 2 times more likely to grow profits faster respectively. The gains were majorly driven by greater economies of scale, process upgrade and more information, easier communication, the report says.

A primary telephonic survey by Kantar IMRB in November 2016 of 504 Indian SMBs found that Indian SMBs who adopt digital technologies grow profits up two times faster than offline SMBs. The report finds that 51% of digitally enabled SMBs sell beyond city boundaries as compared o 29% of offline SMBs.

Omnisling’s flexible software can be customized according to the requirement of each client. It interconnects different strata in one organized web that helps the client in managing things on the go.

The reasonably priced technology solution is customized after an in depth study of challenges and opportunities faced by the small and medium businesses enabling them to keep pace with the technology race.

The tablet-based Omnisling works on different platforms. A readily available catalog has boosted a comparatively faster set up making it easy to add products and generate bills. It also provides with daily, monthly and yearly analytics useful in taking business decisions.

The features of Omnisling are cloud based with multi payment gateways integrated with back end apps like accounting and scheduling. The technology works on PC Mac, iPad or Android tablets. It works offline and the data gets synchronized when the user comes online.

Instadel CEO Venu Ramakrishnappa

Omnisling is driven by a vibrant team that has cumulative five decades of corporate experience. The platform is very easy to use with self-help features and in addition a round-the-clock customer care works to the needs of the consumers.