Everyone is aware of the efforts put in by the engineers for the all-round development of the state of Karnataka. More than 25,000 engineers together have taken up the responsibility of constructing dams, canals, thousands of kilometers long roads, buildings, arrangement to provide continuous transportation for all the cities and villages in the state, generating more than 6000 MW power, power supply to every nook and corner of the state, water supply, residences for Dalits and other infrastructure development works.

The Federation has been formed in discussion with union officials of various government departments, boards and corporations, with a view to identify and felicitate the engineers who have done unique achievements, to organise technical workshops for improving the knowledge of the engineers on issues complimentary to the development of the state, to improve the service facilities available to engineers, to understand the rules related to the administration and other purposes.

Sir M. Visvesvaraya’s 152nd birth anniversary / Engineers’ Day celebration has been organised on September 14 and 15, 2012 at Gayathri Vihar on Bangalore Palace Grounds, as the first programme of the Federation. About 5000 engineers from different parts of the state are expected to participate. The two-day event will also have seminars on technical, administrative and personality development subjects by experts.

Esteemed Chief Minister of the state and other Ministers of various departments are expected to participate at the valedictory ceremony of the function. A memorandum would be submitted to the government with a view to improve the service facilities provided to the 25,000 engineers working for the state government, during the event.

The programme will be inaugurated on September 14. Retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of India Sri Shivraj Patil and ex-president of Indian Space Commission Dr. U R Rao would participate in the programme and address the engineers. An exhibition on various innovative materials/ informative items has been organised on the occasion. On September 14, five seminars, three on technical and two on administrative issues, have been organised.

The statue of Sir M Visvesvaraya at the K R Circle would be garlanded by the Chief Minister and his colleagues, on September 15th at 8am. Engineers will march to the Palace Grounds along with a procession showcasing a vehicle with a portrait of Sir M. V. The workshops on technical / administrative issues would continue till 4pm.

The closing ceremony would be held at 4 pm. The Chief Minister and many other Ministers would participate in the program.

Renowned expert engineers would deliver lectures on the recent technical innovations and developments, on 14-09-2012 and 15-09-2012. With this the Federation hopes to make this a programme which increases the technical knowledge of the engineers working in various government departments. This is also an attempt to propagate the principles, philosophy and humanitarian practices of Sir M Visvesvaraya to the young engineers, by celebrating his birth day as Engineers’ Day.

The government has sanctioned two days’ special holiday to the engineers participating in this program. As many as 2000 engineers working for Public Works Department, Water Resources, Small Irrigation, Rural Development, Urban Development and other departments are expected to participate.


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